• Buying a Home? Hire a Pest Control Expert For Pest Inspections

    After years of saving, you are finally ready to move into your new home.

    Even though you are anxious to complete the paperwork it is important to do your due diligence to avoid any problems in the future. The last thing you want is to find a nasty surprise of rodents and other pests when unpacking. Something that could easily have been prevented with a thorough pest inspection.

    How a Pest Control Expert Can Help
    Home inspections are very common during the home buying process.

    But simply walking around the exterior and interior for a brief inspection is not enough to notice problems on your owns. Pests could be lurking underneath the floorboards or hidden in other areas of your potential home, something you won’t be able to find unless you know what to look for.

    Knowing if an inspection reveals a pest infestation is beneficial for obvious reasons.

    It allows you to identify potential problems with the property before closing. It can also help you determine the cost for pest control, which sellers are typically supposed to cover.

    In other cases, it could change your mind entirely about closing the deal. If an inspection reveals a major termite infestation that is slowly degrading the structure of the home, you could be responsible for paying for those repairs in the future.

    These reasons are all why pest inspections are absolutely necessary as they could save you thousands of dollars in potential repairs.

    What About a General Inspection?
    General inspections are routine to make sure there aren’t any major problems that could require expensive repairs (e.g. structural damage, etc.). But these inspections should not be seen as a substitute for a thorough pest inspection.

    Home inspectors typically look for common issues with the property. They may not have the same expertise as an exterminator so pest infestations could very well be overlooked without the right training and equipment. And if you do discover an infestation after you move in, you may be on your own once all the paperwork finalises.

    As you are making a major investment in a home, bringing in a professional for a thorough pest inspection is well worth the cost.

    After the Inspection
    Pest inspections are carried out by licensed professionals and typically consist of a thorough evaluation of both the exterior and interior of the property. The findings are then put together in a detailed report which include:

    ● Detection of pest activity
    ● Loss of structural integrity
    ● Potential threats for pests to enter the property
    ● Recommendations for actions to take
    ● Estimated pest control costs

    Having an inspection done provides greater peace of mind.

    If no problems are revealed, then you can confidently proceed with the purchase. But there is naturally cause for concern if an inspection reveals a pest problem. In that case, speak with the seller or real estate agent handling the transaction as you will likely be able to negotiate that those costs be covered by them.

    Have any questions?

    If you are getting ready to purchase a home, then a pest inspection is absolutely a must. Contact us today to arrange an inspection with one of our professional exterminators.

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