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    If your home or workplace has been invaded by this common pest, then leave it to the professionals to remove your infestation quickly and efficiently. We other both rat and mice control for domestic and commercial premises in Perth and are experienced in managing localised and widespread infestations. We first inspect your property to identify any potential nests or points of entry into your roof space or below your dwelling. We then strategically setup bait traps where they will have the most impact.

    Having been in the industry for many years, we’ve learnt what to look for and know how to identify signs of a rodent problem. This gives our professionals a better idea of how to go about their pest control solution so that they can customise their approach to every specific scenario.

    Why Perth residents choose us

    We offer all of our customers a full warranty on our control methods, this means if the mice or rats aren’t completely gone, we’ll be back to finish the job. When it comes to rodents in particular, a specialised plan needs to be implemented to ensure the entire pest population is addressed. If you attempt to go about the task yourself, you’re at risk of startling the rodents and having them scatter, making them all the more difficult to uproot. When rats and mice are capable of carrying harmful diseases to you or your family, this is a scenario you want to avoid at all costs. The same applies for other pests such as cockroaches or silverfish.

    3 most common rodent pests in Perth

    • Norway rat
    • Roof rat
    • House mouse

    Rodents are used to living in close proximity to humans, feeding off our scraps and using our homes to find shelter. You can often find them around your garbage, in your roof, garden, kitchen, outbuildings or under your property.

    If you require mice or rat control for your garden or general property within Perth, we can supply multiple lockable plastic rodent boxes. These traps are extremely durable and come with bait installed to lure the animal inside before locking.

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  • Norway Rat

  • Heavy-set with small close-set
    finely haired ears and a blunt nose.
    Its fur is coarse, red-brown with a
    tail that is shorter than its body
    and head.Their droppings are about 18mm
    and blunt.

  • Roof Rat

  • Slender with large, prominent,
    almost hairless ears and a pointed
    nose. Its fur is fine, grey, black,
    brown, may be white beneath with
    a tail of uniform in colour and
    longer than their body and head.Their droppings are about 12mm
    and pointed.

  • House Mouse

  • Slender with fairly large, hairy ears
    and a pointed nose. Its fur is fine,
    brown to grey with a hairless tail
    that is as long as its body and
    head.Their droppings are about 3-4mm.

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