Autumn/Winter SPECIAL

    During spring and summer spiders build their webs around gutters, eaves, drainpipes and window frames etc. These webs can look unsightly and can of course be dangerous when Red backs and White tails are present. They can also make their way through small gaps inside the home. Slaters, crickets, silverfish, wasps and cockroaches are also nesting at this time of year. One simple solution is to get the “pest control hitman”  to do one of his comprehensive treatments that control all of the above.


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    Our pest sprays outside include the following and numerous other places. Drives, paths, sheds, garage, carports, fence line, patio, pergola, gazebo’s, eaves, downpipes, gutters washing lines, BBQ’s, toys,plant pots, window and door frames and post box.

    In the interior we spray around the skirting board edges in every room which acts as a barrier and kills any insects that may be lurking in corners.

    We pump a powder chemical in to the roof space which kills all insects that often drop down through air con ducting surrounds.

    An inspection by Assassinator Pest Management can determine if and where any termites might be.


    During the warmer months Termites become more active and flying termites (Alates) look for a new location to start a colony, hopefully not in a tree in your garden. From there the colony is formed and the workers and soldiers start looking for wood in or around your home.

    An inspection by Assassinator Pest Management can determine if and where any termites might be.

    Our inspections comply with AS 3660.2 2000. We inspect the roof space, every room in the property, garage, carports and any out buildings and the front and back gardens. We look for Termites (a.k.a. white Ants), Borers, Wood Rot and Damp. The 12 page report is e-mailed to you within 24 hours of the inspection.

    Many other Pest Control companies use 1 or 2 page handwritten reports with very minimal detail that don’t comply with the Australian Standards. Some of these companies have no Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

    All of the above treatments and the inspection carried out at the reduced price of $330 for a single storey, $390 for a double storey and $450 for large rural blocks.


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