• Keep Your Home Safe with our Spider Control in Perth

    Australia is renowned for its lovely variety of poisonous and deadly animals. If you listen to some of the more paranoid, they often make it sound as though you can’t even walk to your letterbox and back without being attacked by at least a dozen vicious snakes and blue ringed octopuses.

    Realistically, one of the more common poisonous critters we’re likely to come across is the red back and funnel web spider. Both of these pests are frequent to suburban premises and individuals who suffer a bite can become very sick, sometimes fatally. Whilst nobody has died from a spider bite in Australia for many years, it is still prevalent to display caution and ensure any infestations are removed quickly and thoroughly. We offer a reliable spider pest control service in Perth and are able to help keep you and your family safe from any creepy crawlies.

    Our pest control measures

    Our expert team evaluates each job on a case by case basis, establishing the severity of the infestation and the size of the property. Having been in the pest control industry for many years, we are highly experienced in identifying problem areas and finding appropriate solutions to achieve the most efficient result. We also aim to offer our customers informed advice as to how they can reduce future problems from occurring.

    We utilise a surface spray, which is designed and licensed for spider control, on your domestic or commercial Perth property. This approach is best suited to walls, gutters, pathways and other areas those eight legged crawlers are likely to venture.

    Tips for avoiding potential spider bites

    It’s important to remember that not all spiders remain confined to their little hidey holes or webs. Species such as the male funnel-web, often venture indoors when searching for a mate. This is why it’s advisable to wear practical footwear, especially at night. If you’re gardening or handling timber, always wear gloves.

    Want to learn more?

    You may also be interested in our other pest management services, including rodents, termites and more. Alternatively, for any questions regarding our spider control solutions in Perth, call us today on 041 386 422 We’re always happy to help.