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    When it comes to protecting your home against harmful vermin, it’s important to align yourself with a professional service that’s experienced in handling a variety of infestations. Here at Assassinator Pest Management, our dedicated team is qualified to conduct affordable pest control and inspections within Perth’s Northern Suburbs .

    Our ability to provide cost effective inspections and control measures to prevent vermin infestations to the residential and commercial sectors is well known. The health and safety of your family or staff is our primary concern.



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  • Areas of pest control

    Ensuring the complete removal of any irritating vermin requires a level of expertise only found with a pest management service that has been in the industry for many years. An inefficient or incomplete extermination will only result in more costly bills later down the track with a repeat service. Another concern, especially with mice, is the risk of allowing the vermin to escape and scatter throughout the house, carrying with them harmful diseases. We’re experienced in handling all manner of pests, including spiders, wasps, cockroaches and more. Whether you’re having difficulties with bedbugs, moths or silverfish, you can rely on our affordable pest inspection to get the job done right. 

    An affordable service that saves you money in the long run

    Partner with the vermin management specialists in Perth and have our team conduct a termite inspection on your home to identify any infestations before they become problematic. This is especially advised for the pre-purchase of a new home, alerting you to any dilemmas in the making that you may be buying into.     

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